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Camping Motel was founded on 1954

from an idea of Foscolo Ravaldini Senior together with his indefatigable wife Gardini Ernesta and his children. It's surely one of the earliest campings that rose along the Adriatic coast; there, in 1954, we found also the NSU Camping ( Lido di Jesolo) - German management - and the "Fontanelle" (Riccione).

The Camping Motel was founded with very particular features

for that time: large avenues, delimited pitches, lots of trees, distinct bathrooms for men and women, suited for being used also by children , lightened; equipped with car and motorbike parks, restaurant and self-services, bar, ice cream shop, mini-market, motel and private beach. In 1954 the main means of transport was the motorbikes: Horex, Jawa, Puch, NSU, BMW, Northon, Mettchless, etc. Only later the first cars appeared: Alexander, Gogomobil, Messerschmitt, Isotta, Borgward, etc.

The best equipment was the famous Ridge Tent; having basin and double cloth was considered as a privilege. People cooked using the spirit stove or mud tablets. Most of the tourists came from Northern Countries and there were only a few Italian people. On the beach we found tents, wooden boxes and, the typical sand-dunes but no beach umbrellas.Camping Motel was born in Cesenatico: a city on the sea.

Area: 15.000 smq.
500 mt from the center of Cesenatico
and 300 mt from the beach.

Very quiet place - Excellent shadow - Camping boxes all well delimited -Plugs CEE 220 V. - Drinking water - Barbecue - Toilets and wash - basins also for children and Handicapped - Free hot showers 24 hours - Laundry with coin operating machines - Watch services - Tourist Informations - Safe for valuables - Credit Card.

100 mt far: Supermarket - Big swimming-pool area - Sail, Surf, Disco - Booking services.